Echoes Over Oceans

by Arbor

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"Echoes Over Oceans" was written in the first half of 2013 and recorded in the second half of 2013 by Arbor.

Disc I

1. A Beckoning Call
2. From Every Mount and Meadow
3. The Foliate Head
4. Archways
5. Pathways
6. In Silent Company
7. Jamais Vu
8. Strange Light in the Pasture

Disc II

1. Detachment
2. A Star-Stretched, Hollow Sky
3. Hymnody
4. The Order of Things
5. A World Imagined


released March 31, 2014

Noel Chandek - Drums, Vocals
Zak Koehn - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Joe Opolka - Guitars, Vocals

Recorded, mixed, produced, engineered, listened to, danced to @ The Arboretum in Milwaukee, WI from August 2013 to November 2013 by Arbor.

All bass guitar and additional instrumentation by Arbor.



all rights reserved


Arbor Wisconsin

Formed in 2011, Arbor contains members from Milwaukee, WI.

Arbor's first release, "The Plutonian Shore", will be available on July 13th, 2012. The record boasts an emotion-rich atmosphere set on a masterful percussive foundation. A distinct, melodious sound carries through each song on the nourishment of its creators. Agility and sloth conspire to form an aura of introspection ... more

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Track Name: From Every Mount and Meadow
An echo is heard

Ash from an urn, floats away
As the world burns
The bond of our thoughts, though I feel lost
Holds us together

A wretched masses eagerly kneels down and prays
In the shade of a fabricated deity

As lightning strikes the senses
And sets the night sky ablaze
A questioning Shepard abandons the faith
The blindfolded pious
Denounce this decree
That he no longer wishes them to be...his herd.

Quake from the earth, there's no words
Stand as the world turns
Solitary days, trees and streams
There's no question what Id rather praise

Let it be heard
Ideology has no place to determine our fate
I am one, I am none, I am everything
As the earth speaks no words
Track Name: The Foliate Head
Hold your head up high although your neck is in your hands
Swing spines dance like vines, fluttering below the branch

Your face is my illusion
Etching in me one more mystery
Blessed with sacred visions
Instilling in me your memory

A step too far into shaded ferns
As fate works to tempt my heel
Where concealed curses await reprieve
A severed head would be revealed

Lay beside the lone willow weeping
For a breath while dreaming
Awake to find myself astray
Amidst the nights lonesome decay

Crimson slips from cold lips, in palor now adorned
What demon left this rock here, one cold autumn morn
Track Name: Archways
Scale the craft
with sights awry
where dreams collide
the nexus of minds
blurs and empties
at the source
sends visions to the grave

High atop the lowest stock
of virtue and release
the resonant infinity
bereaves the quiet countenance
of days beyond remembrance
instilling peace and patience
for a cause unknown

the early hours suffer
through the weight of what's to come

I'll take this way
to the disgorging face
an archway stands
between the shore and here
Track Name: Strange Light in the Pasture
Lunar eclipse your graceful lips speak of the psalms unsung,
unchosen ones
A peaceful place free from distraction
An empty space void of interactions

Saturated in your bliss
A sanctioned loneliness
A psalm only sung to those who wander alone

Chanting in the distance
An echo over oceans
Perched atop your shoulder sits the faintest whisper, it says
River flow let hatred go and receive pride
The universe is in your eyes

Many of us posses this disease
To amass a wealth of material things
There are better steps to take
And think of the world we make

Chanting, etc

Let it go
Abandon the speeches of a dead man's diatribe
And embrace the knowledge found inside
Track Name: A Star-Stretched, Hollow Sky
Origin, we are all kin
You stand before the mountain shade
Immensity encapsulates
Stars light the walk to a contemplative sight
I no longer need to see with just my eyes
You've been the rock and the river
Amongst the stars were just a sliver

And though I feel so lost time holds together
The constant motion of our thoughts
A sight expands the distance and heals the blind sky

Toward the summers end
The way her arms extend
Before the waves flood the wind

I am commanded by the pace
That nature takes
Let my mind ferment as the sun no longer sets

And though I feel so lost,etc

Relent as the seed is sown to the soil
Repent let my soul blossom to a boil

Toward the summers end
The way her arms extend
Before the waves flood the wind of..

A star-stretched hollow sky
Track Name: The Order of Things
take with you every vision
dance with virtue
sense the reason
slaughter hope
consume the beacon

and the world will find you soon...

toss another whisper to the sea
frame the paradox and nail it to the breeze
that sends me dreams

that no one wonders if i'll share...

i've touched the golden blaze
i've felt the waves collide
but my feet are still
my tongue is cut
these eyes are an atlas

turn my water into time
so I can push the stone up farther
let me live
deliver me from every mouth
Track Name: A World Imagined
your face is my illusion
etching on me one more mystery
these mounts and meadows haunt me
knowing no one will follow me back home

your ends are my beginnings
rushing to me from an endless stream
these shapes and shadows want me
floating through me hoping I will grow

an ancient glance
cast through the timeless air
he serves my eye...
each hour of grief renews
each moment breaks my path
and after every rapture
I cannot offer
a token glance at every joy
at every fear
at every way I've ever known